"The sole purpose of a corporate partnership or strategic alliance is to formulate a WIN-WIN strategy for all parties involved"

Corporate partnerships and strategic alliance opportunities exist with Renard for companies directly involved within the hospitality industry. We will participate in programs that will provide unparalleled services to our clients. Companies from an array of hospitality disciplines are encouraged to contact us with a view to mutually beneficial partnering.

Executive Search Business Opportunities with Renard International

Renard will partner with other human resource based firms who may require hospitality expertise to augment their existing verticals and strengthen the proficiency of candidate search and placement.

Investigate hospitality recruitment opportunities in Europe, Asia, Australia, South and North America; Renard offers an internationally recognized corporate brand, standardized operating procedures, training manuals, proprietary state of the art software and a world wide network.

Related Hospitality Companies

Joint ventures and marketing efforts can reduce costs, increase exposure and provide a value added package. Your corporation or group may require the hospitality recruitment expertise offered by Renard International to help your project come to completion. Opportunities exist for companies to co-sponsor awards or contests with Renard. Companies that offer products or services specific to the hospitality industry may wish to advertise on Renard's web site. An infinite number of formats can be created and implemented in accordance with our partners' specific needs.

An alliance with Renard can only better your business as a whole.

To learn more about any of the above opportunities, please contact:

Email Steve Renard, President. at info@renardinternational.com.
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