Renard International Hospitality Search Consultants provides our clients with "Value Added Services" such as:

  • Cost effectiveness in keeping your recruitment time and costs to a minimum without jeopardizing the expertise we offer in recruiting high profile candidates.
  • Develop a tailored recruitment program including a computer model based on your needs to specifically find the right candidate(s).
  • Develop applicant evaluative tools which will assist in shortening the interview process and aid in decreasing interview costs.
  • Maintain open lines of communication keeping you informed at all times as to the status of your search.
  • Provide relevant industry salary and remuneration information.
  • Make recommendations on gross remuneration packages based on international remuneration surveys.
  • Present factual resumes which are neither over-embellished or under-embellished.
  • Provide supporting documentation.
  • Provide primary and secondary references in written format.
  • Arrange and coordinate telephone interviews and face to face interviews.
  • Keep the hiring process moving ahead in a constructive manner.
  • Provide factual applicant feedback.
  • Provide client feedback to the applicant.
  • Arrange specialized testing which may include culinary "taste testing".
  • Assist in negotiating employment remuneration packages.
  • Make recommendations to you during negotiations.
  • Assist in the preparation of formal letters of offer of employment.
  • Coordinate and assist in obtaining visas, police clearance certificates, credit reports, medical reports and x-rays.
  • Assist in travel arrangements for both interviews and commencement of employment.
  • Assist in relocation issues as required.
  • Prepare letters of rejection on behalf of clients to unsuccessful applicants.
  • Provide follow-up assistance as required.

Renard International not only provides our clients with Value Added Service, but our consultants also maintain an up to date knowledge of the latest industry trends, cultural differences, international employment contracts and organizational design.

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